Church Reopening
Hello Church Family, As you have probably heard, Governor Ron DeSantis has begun a phased reopening of Florida businesses and fortunately, that includes churches as well. I have talked to some of you that are excited about returning to church again and I’ve talked to some that prefer to wait a little bit. I will address your concerns the best I can. Look for future updates to come.
I am pleased to announce to you that the First Baptist Family of Beverly Hills will have its first worship service since the Corona Virus shutdown on Sunday May 17– ONE worship service @ 10:45 am. Link below has more info.
If you feel a May 17 reopening of the church is too soon for you– no problem! No one should feel pressured into coming to church. Friend, if you are 65 or older with any respiratory conditions, or suffering from poor health, even a cold, with coughing, sneezing, or a fever, I ask you, please stay at home and continue to worship with us by video that we stream on Facebook and YouTube. A generous donor purchased a nice camera for us to continue to video our worship services so Corona or not, we will continue to record, at least, parts of our worship services. If you are not prepared to return to church, that’s OK. For a while, heal up and you will still be with us!
There are some details about our reopening that you need to know, so please give me your attention and let me explain some things to you so you are adequately informed.

While it will be great to gather again, I’m afraid some things won’t be like they were before. Change can be good but surely in this case, change is necessary. Your Deacons and I got together recently and made some decisions that are in the best interest of everyone. We will, for a time, need to enforce some restrictions for the safety and comfort of all who come to worship and we greatly appreciate your cooperation in this process.
Please note that for our opening phase, we will have only ONE worship service on Sundays. There will be: No Nursery or Children’s Ministry No Student Ministry on Sunday nights No van transportation No Bible Study on campus.
 When we are prepared to open these ministries, we will communicate that to you but for now, I’m happy to worship with you on Sunday or by video.

When you enter our Worship Center, each and every one of you will be required to wear a mask. At this phase of the reopening, masks will be required. I will wear one too except when I share God’s Word with you but I’ll be far enough away not to be a risk. If you have one, please bring it. If you don’t, we have some to provide for you. We will have hand-sanitizer on hand too.
We also must follow social-distancing guidelines. We have removed every other row of chairs so you are properly distanced from front to back. An usher will escort you to your seats, starting from front to back so they can assist you in proper side to side distancing. I know how some of you will want to go to your favorite seat but again, for now, help us with your cooperation to make this transition together.
In addition, you know we are a loving, “HUGGY” church. We’ll have the urge to reach out for hugs. I’m sorry to say, hugs, handshakes, even elbow-bumps invade social-distancing standards. So please refrain for now, and let’s be glad we can wave to our church family because it’s a whole lot better than staying at home!
All that I have shared with you is certainly not ideal and whether things return to what we consider as “normal” I do not know. One thing I think should not be as normal as before, is that the universal church seems to have lost its burning passion to love the Lord and serve Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. I hope as we come together, you will experience a renewed sense of excitement, seeking the Lord in passionate worship of Him. Please pray with me about that. And we pray God will do a great work to revive His church so that as we love the Lord and each other, our love will overflow out into our community and into the lives of people who are hurting because they don’t know Jesus. People need hope in our world today, and the church knows personally, the source of hope. His name is Jesus!
God is good, ALL the time!
Pastor Marple

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